X – Xanthorrhiza
Xanthorrhiza was a medicine taken from a root. It was patented during the Civil War. It was used as a tonic like calumba or quassia; in infusion, decoction, tincture and was used to treat wounds and infections soldiers got during battle.


Y – Yorktown, Virginia

Marching from Fort Monroe, Union General George B. McClellan's army encountered Major General John B. Magruder's small Confederate army at Yorktown behind the Warwick River. Magruder's theatrics convinced the Federals that his works were strongly held. General McClellan suspended the march up the Peninsula toward Richmond, ordered the construction of siege fortifications, and brought his heavy siege guns to the front. In the meantime, General Joseph E. Johnston brought reinforcements for Magruder.


Z – Felix Zollicofer

An early, high-ranking casualty of the Civil War, Felix Zollicoffer was a publisher, editor, and Whig (later a Know-Nothing) representative to the U. S. Congress who was viewed by some as pro-Union. After attending Jackson College in Tennessee, Zollicoffer held various jobs at newspapers until the start of the Second Seminole War in 1836. He supported Whig candidate Winfield Scott in his run for President in the Election of 1852.